Ministry Teams

Women’s Ministry

As women, we are powerful and born to be great. In Women of Purpose we strive to create an atmosphere of unity and work together to empower each other. 

Team Leaders

Vicki Barham (Co - Pastor) & Karen Reid

Youth Expressing Salvation

We guide and lead our youth to understand what saying YES means. Youth Expressing Salvation (Y.E.S) is youth team that educates and support our youth as they grow and discover who they were meant to be in this world. 

Team Leaders

Nia Tompkins & Avery Nealous

Destined to Win

Helping goes beyond the four walls of the ministry. Destined to Win (DTW) believes that their is greatness in every inidivudal and with the right love and support anyone can reach their destiny. We outreach with a purpose and to let our community know that support is never to far away.  

Team Leaders

Nia Tompkins & Chantelle Crawford

Purposeful Arts

Purposeful Arts taps into each individuals gifts and uses them to glorify God. Every rehearsal & performance is done with a spirit of excellence and represents our love and appreciation for the God who gave us the talent and gifts we posess.  

Team Leaders

Egyptia Logan & Debra Banks

Senior Ministry

Destiny Seniors puts the life and excitement into our seasoned vision partners. Every individual has a purpose, which means God has a plan. Our seniors team encourages other seniors to enjoy their years, find happiness and be used in the ways the lord sees fit.  

Team Leaders

Overseer Stewart & Vicki Barham (Co - Pastor)

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